Robot Clitoris Teachers Became Hebephilia Primed

Let The Robot Drive: The Autonomous Car Of The Future Is Here by Tom Vanderbilt (Wired): Heard about Google’s self-driving car? Well, more and more car drivers are seeing cars as autonomous, and if you wanted, today, you could buy a Mercedes which is more or less a self-driving car - it automatically brakes if it sees something in the road, it buzzes the steering wheel if you cross lines without indicators, and it has a traffic jam mode. It even tells you when you need a break from driving based on judging how quickly you respond to things, how close you are to the lines - and flashes a coffee cup light at you. And humans are such shit drivers - so many people die on the roads - that this is probably better. [via]

The Nazi Leader Who, In 1937, Became The Oskar Schindler Of China by Iris Chang (The Atlantic): John Rabe was the head of Siemens in China, and a pillar of the German community in Nanking. And when Japanese troops swarmed China and started the ‘Rape of Nanking’, Rabe did some pretty amazing things - he wired Hitler asking him to tell the Japanese to behave, and as he would wander the streets, Chinese men would come up to him and tell him that their sister/wife/mother/daughter was currently being raped by a Japanese soldier. He would intrude upon the Japanese man, who would scream ‘Deutsche! Deutsche!’ and run. He also let thousands of women shelter in his backyard, where he and his people could watch over them so they wouldn’t be raped by Japanese soldiers. Shame about him also being a staunch Nazi.

The Internal Clitoris by MelodiousMsM (MoSex): You may well know where the clitoris is - the man in the boat? But that’s just the glans of the clitoris, the tip of the iceberg. It wasn’t until 2009 that there was a 3D sonography of an aroused clitoris, and it shows that most of the clitoris is internal, including bits that are underneath the vulva and a bit called the ‘corpus cavernosum’ which encircles the vagina. [via]

Hebephilia, The “Measurable Penis Response” And Psychological Damage In Children by scicurious (Neurotic Physiology): The writer/evolutionary psychologist Jesse Bering currently has a ‘Dear Jesse’ column, and one of his letters was from a self-professed hebephilia, a man who is sexually attracted to girls who are going through puberty. Which is, firstly, ewww. But Bering probably could have done more to show that hebephilia is not normal, and/or evolutionarily advantageous. And scicurious nails this - while most men *do* have a ‘measurable penile response’ in response to pictures of girls at puberty, this *does not* mean that those men are *attracted to* those girls. Believe it or not, men are not their penises, and ‘measurable penile response’ doesn’t necessarily mean a throbbing erection.

The Value Of Teachers by Nicholas D. Kristof (New York Times): A good fourth-grade teacher alone makes your child 1.25% more likely to go to university, and thus, on average, your child alone will earn $25,000 more in their lifetime if they have that good teacher. To put it another way, having a bad teacher is like missing 40% of your classes. Thus, if your child has a terrible teacher, it’s economically advantageous for you and other parents to offer that teacher thousands of dollars to quit teaching. [via]

Primed By Expectations: Why A Classic Psychology Experiment Isn’t What It Seemed by Ed Yong (Not Exactly Rocket Science): There’s a famous psychology experiment where some students were primed with the idea of ‘old’ whilst playing word games, and those students walked more slowly leaving the laboratory. Except, new research suggests that the original study failed to ‘double-blind’ the experimenters - it seems that it’s not the actually priming task, but the experimenters’ (unspoken) expectations that prime the students to make them walk slow.

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