Sexual Humans Between Good Military Aches

With proper descriptions:

Between The Lines by Dave Gardetta (Los Angeles Magazine): You know how you get shitty at having to pay for parking? I mean, it must be bad for businesses and stuff, right? Actually, no - it’s good for business, seemingly, and it turns out that actually not having to pay for parking generally makes life that little bit more annoying - it leads to people behaving irrationally, and costs us all a lot of money. [via]

The First Sexual Revolution: Lust And Liberty In The 18th Century by Faramerz Dabhoiwala (The Guardian): If I told you that clergymen had written books arguing that women should sleep with as many men as they like, that lust was natural and should not be a subject of law, and that boy-man sex was a sign of a particularly civilised society, would you guess that I was talking about clergymen from the 18th century? Well, I am. Dabhoiwala argues quite interestingly that the sexual revolution of the 18th century was even more influential than the one from the 1960s, and it’s hard to disagree. [via]

If Modern Humans Are So Smart, Why Are Our Brains Shrinking? by Kathleen McAuliffe (Discover): In the last 20,000 years, the average size of the human brain (at least, looking at Europe) has shrunken dramatically - on average, someone living 20,000 years ago had an extra tennis ball’s worth of brain that you don’t. And brain size is correlated with intelligence. Scientists have a bunch of theories as to why we are smaller-brained than our ancestors, but nobody really knows why. 

US Military Planned On Using Spy Crows To Find Osama Bin Laden by Mo Costandi (Neurophilosophy): Many spies have many eyes.

Aches On A Plane by Alan Bellows (Damn Interesting): Amazing story - in 1994, a flight engineer named Auburn Calloway who worked for FedEx decided to kill himself in order to get an insurance payout for his kids. And he decided to kill himself by crashing the plane he was on. Which he did by smuggling hammers on board, and using them to smash in the heads of the pilots. The walls of the plane were covered with their blood. And yet, let’s just say that Calloway…is now in prison. [via]

Good King John by Graham E. Seel (History Today): Seel argues that King John - of Robin Hood infamy - has a particularly bad reputation not because he was a terrible king, but because he was quite an effective king. Except, John didn’t have a good relationship with the Vatican. and it just so happens that the chroniclers whose writings we base our knowledge of John on were all monks. Who were likely to be biased. 

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