Plane King Shrinking Between Lust Crows

With descriptions care of @tiredjadeysays:

Between The Lines by Dave Gardetta (Los Angeles Magazine): Between the lines are other lines! And between those lines are even more lines! And more lines between those! What does it mean!? Whoa.

The First Sexual Revolution: Lust And Liberty In The 18th Century by Faramerz Dabhoiwala (The Guardian): “Imma sex you in the naughty bits.” “OH! Well I never!”

If Modern Humans Are So Smart, Why Are Our Brains Shrinking? by Kathleen McAuliffe (Discover): This is a very interesting article that discusses the reasons for our brains…doing…some stuff… and that. That dog has a puffy tail!

US Military Planned On Using Spy Crows To Find Osama Bin Laden by Mo Costandi (Neurophilosophy): Legolas, what do your elf-eyes see? Holy shit! US Military crows!

Aches On A Plane by Alan Bellows (Damn Interesting): Stop kicking the back of my seat, douchebag.

Good King John by Graham E. Seel (History Today):

Good king john

was a merry old soul

he called for his pipe

and called for his bowl

and something something something.