Number Ones: Pharrell Williams 'Happy'

Me at the Vine talking about the new Australian #1 single. Fascinating how a 6-month-old song gets a new lease of life in the charts with an event video. I inevitably discuss happiness, yachts, eudaimonia and Scrooge McDuck money pits. 

Best Of Music Reader 2013 - Part 1: Profiles And Reflections

This week I went through all my Music Readers from 2013, and thought about which pieces had stuck with me in some way. I ended up with a list of about fifty pieces, and the way I decided to try and narrow that down was to sort them into a few different categories, and pick five for each category. So here are the profile pieces (on everyone from Miley Cyrus to Jason Isbell) and the pieces where people explain how music has affected their lives in some way (from the funny to the terribly sad).

Music Reader: Lorde, You Am I, R Kelly, Morrissey, more

Me linking to and explaining awesome music writing. 

Number Ones - John Legend 'All Of Me'

I’ve been thinking about that whole Gawker smarm vs snark thing that’s been going around, and decided to apply the general principle of it to this John Legend song that got to #1 in Australia, because my initial reaction to the song was that it was all a bit smarmy. But, of course, that reaction of mine was more because I just didn’t hear my own experiences in the song; smarm is hard to distinguish from not-for-me in music. In any event, I also call Christopher Pyne smarmy, which I also realise is a bit like shooting some smarmy looking fish in a pretty smarmy looking barrel.

Music Reader: Haim, Courtney Barnett, Britney, Snoop, more

This week’s awesome music writing was pretty easy to put together . I reckon there’s a good range of profiles, sharp analysis, personal narratives, etc on both new music and old, on various genres. Which is just how I like it to be. 

Number Ones: Eminem feat. Rihanna 'The Monster'

I’ve written over 100,000 words of this column now. Which is kind of awesome? Here I wonder why angry music isn’t as popular as it was once upon a time, and why Eminem’s seemingly the exception (and point out the parallels between Eminem’s concept of ‘The Monster’ and Jung’s concept of the Shadow, because they’re there).

Music Reader - Lily Allen, Lorde, Robin Thicke, A Tribe Called Quest, more

Me at the Vine doing the usual. Lots of good music writing this week, as per usual!

Music Reader: Indie Sellouts, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Cher, more

8 links to writing about music from the last week or so, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, that I thought were interesting. 

Number Ones: Taylor Henderson 'Borrow My Heart'

Having to write about three X-Factor-related singles does that to a person. I started thinking, “what’s the point of the charts, anyway?” Then I started thinking, “what IS the point of the charts, anyway”, and so I talk about the differences between the ARIA charts in Australia, based purely on sales, and the Billboard Hot 100, which incorporates streaming and radio play etc, and how that changes the charts, for good and bad. I also discuss the song, and Henderson’s cover of ‘One Crowded Hour’ by Augie March.

Number Ones - Dami Im 'Alive'

Another November, another X-Factor winner to write about for TheVine - for this one, I ruminate on what works on TV talent shows compared to what works on an iPod or radio, amongst other things. I don’t think I’ve quite run out of things to say about talent show winner songs getting to #1, but I’m surely not far off…